Interreg DeCarb - PGI05587

Project summary


The low-carbon energy shift of EU economies will have a profound economic & social impact on regions extensively involved in coal value chains. It is however acknowledged that this transition needs to be fair; EC’s "Clean Energy For All Europeans" package was set in place to speed the clean energy transition and growth & job creation. To this end, DeCarb will support public authorities to initiate efforts, join forces and exchange experiences to: a) identify growth strategies to mitigate the impact of decarbonisatoin, b) make the most of EU funds & financing tools, and c) promote public dialogue on conflicting interests.  


DeCarb brings together 9 partners (9 countries), to exchange experiences & transfer knowledge on how to transition from the carbon-intensive era towards the clean energy future. It will support regions to secure sustainable development, economic & societal stability, and a role in the 2030 energy mix.


- Increased capacity of 200 staff of public administrations to effectively support new growth trajectories & energy security

- ~19 million euros unlocked to support projects on renewables, reskilling of the workforce, and post-mining land use

- Increased awareness & consensus building among the energy sector, the workforce, and citizens, to support measures for the clean energy transition (over 1000 individuals).


- 9 action plans to improve the addressed policy instruments, benefiting managing authorities & beneficiaries

- 2 interregional workshops, 3 site visits and 1 EU-wide policy learning event to promote capacity building among partners and stakeholders

- 16 policy briefs to transfer lessons learnt to EU public authorities

- 1 Training toolkit on the development of energy mix scenarios for regions undergoing decarbonisation

- 4 joint thematic studies and analyses reports on territorial needs and decarbonisation pathways